The BinoHarness Difference

Specifically designed for discerning outdoorsman, the new BinoHarness can be THE DIFFERENCE between an enjoyable, successful outdoor experience and one hampered by equipment failure and fatigue.

The BinoHarness’ s innovative Double M strap design was created and tested by experienced hunters and Africa ‘PH’ guides to provide the ultimate comfort and long-lasting durability.

With the BinoHarness, binoculars, cameras and other items don’t bounce and remain comfortably in place for convenient and repeated use. The BinoHarness also reduces the fatigue typically experienced by sportsmen using common cheaply manufactured neck straps.

Unlike most other products on the market today, the BinoHarness will LAST! The BinoHarness utilizes high-quality saddle leather, heavy-duty equine elastic webbing that is used in many English riding products, high-quality steel metal buckles and steel swivel clips. These high-grade materials ensure binoculars stay properly adjusted and secure regardless of the conditions and activity.

Plus, the BinoHarness is hand-made in the USA.