Texas Sportsmen Introduce New Bino-Harness

March 16, 2015

WACO, Texas — Two Texas sportsmen didn’t like the way repeated equipment failure robbed them of enjoyment while out in the field, so they developed a solution. Today, Mike Owens and his son, Mike Owens Jr. of Waco, Texas, are proud to introduce the Bino-Harness, an all-new product that is already making a real difference for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from Texas to Africa.

Specifically designed for discerning outdoorsman, the new BinoHarness can be the difference between an enjoyable, successful outdoor experience and one hampered by equipment failure and fatigue.

With the BinoHarness, binoculars, cameras and other items don’t bounce and remain comfortably in place for convenient and repeated use. The BinoHarness also reduces the fatigue typically experienced by sportsmen using common cheaply manufactured neck straps.

“The idea of the double M harness began on a hunting trip in Africa, when the common elastic strap bino holders everyone was using became stretched out and was hanging down at our waists. We set out to develop something better and we succeeded with the Bino-Harness,” says Mike Owens, who co-owns the company with his son Mike Owens Jr.

Owens explains that the BinoHarness’ s innovative Double M strap design was created and tested by experienced hunters and Africa ‘PH’ guides to provide the ultimate comfort and long-lasting durability. Whether it’s for watching birds, NASCAR or even horse racing, the Bino-Harness is perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate quality, durability and a more enjoyable way to watch what you love.

The Bino-Harness is 100 percent made in the USA.

To learn more about the new Bino-Harness, call 254.717.8844 or 254.717.1688; or use the Contact Us page at http://www.thebinoharness.com/contact