The idea of the double M harness all began on a trip to Africa. Myself, along with other hunters and our PH (guide) had the common elastic strap bino holders, where after just a few uses the elastic would stretch out and hang down to your waist. We quickly realized this product was uncomfortable and cheaply made resulting in the need to purchase several each season and we knew there had to be better way to make a bino harness that was high quality and built to last.

We set out to develop the highest quality product on the market and our harness is very unique in that it is a hybrid made from high quality, hand-tooled leather and heavy duty equine elastic straps which allows you to wear as long as you'd like without losing its original form or function. We also use metal clips and buckles (replacing the cheap plastic ones that always break) this will assure that your binoculars will stay properly adjusted and fastened to you no matter the conditions and it is handmade right here in the USA.

Although we are avid hunters, we wanted to develop a high-quality product for discerning outdoor enthusiasts who use binoculars or cameras for a wide variety of activities - bird watching, golf, NASCAR or even horse racing - and create a product that will keep you comfortable and make it easier than ever to watch what you love.

Mike and Mikey